Where am I?

You are in the house of Alucina la Vecina, a creative company that organizes events. We are specialists in wedding designs. We are in Madrid, but we do magic anywhere. Get to know us!

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Passionate about unique events with a difference. 
We are specialized in weddings -more than a hundred endorse us- , and what have we learned from them?
That people never stop surprising us.
We love to dive into your personal world to help you achieve a truly memorable event.

Who is she?

Beatriz is from Madrid, an expert wedding planner, passionate about languages, always smiling, she never says no to a good vermouth on Sundays, loves her cats, enjoys any well-made dessert, sings while driving in the car, enjoys as a kid the jubilee markets and is looking forward to traveling to Thailand again.

Who is he?

Javier was born in Logroño, a journalist hooked on the parties since faculty, he has a very peculiar sense of humor, he loves indie music –but also Nino Bravo-, he bought a ukulele that someday he will learn to play, he still keeps his old Super Nintendo in the wardrobe, is a huge fan of world capitals and he is afraid of heights.

Together we form alucina la vecina. we want to do things differently.
Without limits or prejudices, or attachments, or “this has to be so”…
Just ask and we will give you.
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